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Johnson, Howard The Wedding of the Shimmie and Jazz
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Instrumentation : Piano and Voice
Genre : Jazz
Date: 1919.Howard Johnson
Howard Louis Johnson (b. August 7, 1941) in Montgomery, Alabama, is a self-taught post-bop jazz musician known mainly for his work on tuba and baritone saxophone, although he plays the bass clarinet, other reed instruments, and trumpet as well.

In the 1960s he worked with Charles Mingus, Hank Crawford, Archie Shepp, and Hank Mobley on the album A Slice of the Top. He also began a long association with Gil Evans in 1966. He was part of a horn section that backed Taj Mahal on Mahal's 1971 live album, The Real Thing, which featured three other tuba players-multi-instrumentalists, Bob Stewart, Joseph Daily and Earle McIntyre. Johnson also played with The Band on their Rock of Ages live album and The Last Waltz. During the 1970s, Howard led the Saturday Night Li ... (lire la suite)
Source de l'extrait biographique : Wikipedia

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