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Wendling, Pete What-Cha Gonna Do When There Aint No Jazz
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Wendling, Pete
Pete Wendling (June 6, 1888 – April 7, 1974), an American composer and pianist, was born in New York City to German immigrants.

He started his working life as a carpenter, but gained fame during the mid 1910s as a popular music composer - producing such hits as Yaka Hula, Hickey Doola, Take Me To The Land Of Jazz, Take Your Girlie To The Movies, Felix The Cat, and Oh What A Pal Is Mary.

However, Wendling was also one of the top pianists of his era, and set a long-standing record when he appeared at the London Hippodrome for 8 consecutive weeks. He joined the Rhythmodik Music Roll Company in 1914, and started to record his performances on paper rolls for player pianos. In 1918, he joined the largest piano roll company, QRS, and rapidly became one of their ... (lire la suite)
Source de l'extrait biographique : Wikipedia

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